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First Coast AMC By-Laws

The official name of this organization shall be “First Coast AMC Club.” This organization was founded in October 1998, in Jacksonville, Florida. The purposes of this organization are;

to promote the image of American Motors and it’s predecessors, and encourage the driving, preservation, restoration, display, and racing of these vehicles

to recognize each existing AMC club and chapter, and encourage individual membership in any or all of these organizations, without bias or favoritism

to promote the entire automotive hobby, and recognize the important part played by other car clubs and organizations

Owners or enthusiasts of AMC, Rambler, Nash, Hudson, Willy/Kaiser/AMC Jeep, Essex, Ajax, Terraplane, Jeffrey, and Renault Alliance/Encore are welcome to join.

Membership is complete after registering a membership form with the secretary-treasurer and payment of the first year’s dues.

Individuals who joined prior to January 1, 1999 shall be known as charter members.

Membership meetings shall be held periodically, as needed, with prior notification to the membership, and may coincide with a cruising event or show.

First Coast AMC may establish membership with local or national organizations that share the same or similar purposes, as defined above.

Officers and Elections
Any member may run for office, provided dues are paid for the coming year in which he/she would assume office.

Elections shall be held every even year, in December. Nominations shall be accepted by the secretary-treasurer two months prior to the election. Officers are selected by a majority vote of the membership, by ballot.

Elected positions within the club shall be President and Secretary-Treasurer. The elected officers shall represent First Coast AMC with national organizations that First Coast AMC is a member.

The president shall chair club meetings, direct club activities or events, schedule meetings and locations, and make decisions in the best interest of the organization. The president shall appoint a representative to each local or state organization that First Coast AMC is a member.

The secretary-treasurer shall record the minutes of each meeting, maintain club monies and accounts, disburse monies as approved by the president or membership, correspond at the direction of the president, and publish a bi-monthly newsletter provided to each member.

These By-Laws adopted on July 22, 2003. This constitutes the 2nd revision since club inception